Jaguar (Concept)

Jaguar E-Pace: Life Finds A Way


Invariably every trip, long or short, has its challenges. It might just be a hiccup - 10 minutes traffic on the way to work, or it might be something that makes a bit more of an impact - like missing the last ferry back from mainland Europe.

With the new Jaguar E-Pace, you’re ready for life to take you on an adventure. The E-Pace is big enough to tackle any challenge; dynamic enough to take on any obstacle, agile enough to make your adventure effortless. No matter what the journey throws your way, you’re getting where you’re going. With the Jaguar E-Pace, life finds a way.


Scene: The E-Pace starts a long journey early in the day, encountering various obstacles/obstructions/delays along the way. Cinematic sweeping shots model the car design and convey the thrill of the driving experience.

At each challenge, the E-Pace quickly finds a way to continue. In the city this could be parking or traffic, in the country this could be obstruction or river. Perhaps the E-Pace could jump onto the ferry, or go off-road when a road is blocked.

As night falls, the E-Pace navigates with ease through a city, arriving home to reverse effortlessly into the garage.

Fade to black.

Introducing the new Jaguar E-Pace.

Life Finds A Way.


Presented here, alongside description, is an advert designed for the Jaguar E-Pace model - based on a fictitious brief.

Please note, the original (unedited) pictures are not mine and have come from various sources - they are for illustrative purposes only.